Abbott Creek Nursery Products List

Below you'll find a list of products arranged alphabetically by name. Click the "View" link to the right of any product to see more details.

PhotoProduct IDNameSize(ft)View
Alternanthera Chartreuse 1284Alternanthera ChartreuseH-10" S-15" View
Angelonia Serena Blue 1277Angelonia Serena BlueH-18" S-14" View
Angelonia Serena Purple 1279Angelonia Serena PurpleH-18" S-14" View
Angelonia Serenita Raspberry 1281Angelonia Serenita RaspberryH-14" S-14" View
Angelonia Serenita White 1280Angelonia Serenita WhiteH-18" S-14" View
Asparagus sprengerii 1287Asparagus sprengeriiH-18" S-24" View
Asparagus sprengerii 1288Asparagus sprengeriiH-18" S-24" View
Begonia Cocktail Mix 1295Begonia Cocktail MixH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Cocktail Tequila 1297Begonia Cocktail TequilaH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Cocktail Vodka 1296Begonia Cocktail VodkaH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Cocktail Whiskey 1298Begonia Cocktail WhiskeyH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Dragonwing Pink 1293Begonia Dragonwing PinkH-24" S-24" View
Begonia Dragonwing Red 1294Begonia Dragonwing RedH-24" S-24" View
Begonia Olympia Mix 1299Begonia Olympia MixH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Olympia Pink 1300Begonia Olympia PinkH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Olympia Red 1301Begonia Olympia RedH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Olympia Rose 1302Begonia Olympia RoseH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Olympia White 1303Begonia Olympia WhiteH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Whopper Bronzeleaf Red 1304Begonia Whopper Bronzeleaf RedH-36" S-24" View
Begonia Whopper Bronzeleaf Rose 1305Begonia Whopper Bronzeleaf RoseH-36" S-24" View
Begonia Whopper Greenleaf Red 1306Begonia Whopper Greenleaf RedH-36" S-24" View
Begonia Whopper Greenleaf Rose 1307Begonia Whopper Greenleaf RoseH-36" S-24" View
Bidens Yellow Charm 1309Bidens Yellow CharmH-12" S-18" View
Calabrachoa Noa Blue Legend 1322Calabrachoa Noa Blue LegendH-6" S-12" View
Calabrachoa Noa Pink Carnival 1323Calabrachoa Noa Pink CarnivalH-6" S-12" View
Calabrachoa Red 1324Calabrachoa RedH-6" S-12" View
Calabrachoa Sunset 1325Calabrachoa SunsetH-6" S-12" View
Calabrachoa White 1326Calabrachoa WhiteH-6" S-12" View
Calabrachoa Yellow 1327Calabrachoa YellowH-6" S-12" View
Caladium Aaron 1311Caladium AaronH-15" S-18" View
Caladium Carolyn Whorton 1313Caladium Carolyn WhortonH-15" S-18" View
Caladium Red Flash 1317Caladium Red FlashH-12" S-15" View
Caladium Tapestry 1319Caladium TapestryH-15" S-18" View
Caladium White Queen 1320Caladium White QueenH-15" S-18" View
Canna Lily King Hubert 1329Canna Lily King HubertH-4' S-3' View
Canna Lily Tropical Apricot 1331Canna Lily Tropical ApricotH-3' S-2' View
Canna Lily Tropical Red GL 1333Canna Lily Tropical Red GLH-3' S-2' View
Canna Lily Tropical Rose 1334Canna Lily Tropical RoseH-3' S-2' View
Canna Lily Tropical Yellow 1335Canna Lily Tropical YellowH-3' S-2' View
Cleome Sparkler Lavender 1338Cleome Sparkler LavenderH-3' S-3' View
Cleome Sparkler White 1339Cleome Sparkler WhiteH-3' S-3' View
Coleus Alabama 1341Coleus AlabamaH-20" S-24" View
Coleus Dipt in Wine 1342Coleus Dipt in WineH-18" S-15" View
Coleus Electric Lime 1343Coleus Electric LimeH-24" S-18" View
Coleus Kingswood Torch 1345Coleus Kingswood TorchH-18" S-15" View
Coleus Kong Red 1350Coleus Kong RedH-20" S-18" View
Coleus Kong Rose 1351Coleus Kong RoseH-20" S-18" View
Coleus Kong Salmon Pink 1352Coleus Kong Salmon PinkH-20" S-18" View
Coleus Rustic Orange 1348Coleus Rustic OrangeH-15" S-18" View
Coleus Wasabi 1349Coleus WasabiH-24" S-24" View
Coleus Wizard Red Velvet 1354Coleus Wizard Red VelvetH-15" S -12" View
Coleus Wizard Select Mix 1355Coleus Wizard Select MixH-15" S -12" View
Dracena Spikes 1360Dracena SpikesH-24" S-24" View
Duranta Gold Edge 1363Duranta Gold EdgeH-36" S-36" View
Duranta repens aurea 1362Duranta repens aureaH-15" S-15" View
Echinacea Pow Wow White 1368Echinacea Pow Wow WhiteH-20" S-16" View
Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry 1367Echinacea Pow Wow Wild BerryH-20" S-16" View
Elephant Ear Alocasia Portodora 1369Elephant Ear Alocasia PortodoraH-5' S-3' View
Elephant Ear Colocasia Black Magic 1370Elephant Ear Colocasia Black MagicH-3' S-2' View
Elephant Ear Colocasia Persian Palm 1372Elephant Ear Colocasia Persian PalmH-5' S-3' View
Euphorbia Diwalli Showers 1373Euphorbia Diwalli ShowersH-12" S-16" View
Fern Kimberly Queen 1374Fern Kimberly QueenH-30" S-30" View
Gaura Siskiyou Pink 1377Gaura Siskiyou PinkH-24' S-24" View
Gaura Whirling Butterfly 1378Gaura Whirling ButterflyH-24' S-24" View
Geranium Caliente Dark Red 1383Geranium Caliente Dark RedH-15" S-14" View
Geranium Caliente Dark Rose 1382Geranium Caliente Dark RoseH-15" S-14" View
Ginger Lily 1379Ginger LilyH-36" S36" View
Ginger Lily 1380Ginger LilyH-36" S36" View
Gomphrena Gnome Purple` 1386Gomphrena Gnome Purple`H-8" S-14" View
Gomphrena Qis Carmine 1387Gomphrena Qis CarmineH-24" S-12" View
Gomphrena Qis Purple 1388Gomphrena Qis PurpleH-24" S-12" View
Ipomoea Blackie Potato Vine 1406Ipomoea Blackie Potato VineH-10" S-48" View
Ipomoea Margerite Potato Vine 1408Ipomoea Margerite Potato VineH-10" S-48" View
Ipomoea Potatoe Vine Dwarf Margerite 1407Ipomoea Potatoe Vine Dwarf MargeriteH-10" S-36" View
Ipomoea Tricolor Potato Vine 1409Ipomoea Tricolor Potato VineH-10" S-48" View
Lantana camara Carlos 1410Lantana camara CarlosH-18" S-15" View
Lantana camara Dallas Red 1411Lantana camara Dallas RedH-36" S-18" View
Lantana camara Miss Huff 1415Lantana camara Miss HuffH-48" S-48" View
Lantana camara New Gold 1413Lantana camara New Gold H-24 S-24" View
Lantana camara Nugget 1414Lantana camara Nugget H-15" S-15" View
Lantana camara Red Spread 1416Lantana camara Red Spread H-36" S-36" View
Lantana camara Spreading Sunset 1418Lantana camara Spreading SunsetH-10' S-15" View
Lantana camara White Gold 1419Lantana camara White GoldH-15" S-18" View
Lantana Landmark Blaze 1428Lantana Landmark BlazeH-18" S-18" View
Lantana Landmark Citrus 1429Lantana Landmark CitrusH-18" S-18" View
Lantana Landmark Sunrise Rose 1430Lantana Landmark Sunrise RoseH-18" S-18" View
Lantana Lucky Lemon Glow 1431Lantana Lucky Lemon GlowH-12" S-15" View
Lantana Lucky Pot of Gold 1432Lantana Lucky Pot of GoldH-12" S-15" View
Lantana Lucky Red Flame 1433Lantana Lucky Red FlameH-12" S-15" View
Lantana Lucky Yellow 1436Lantana Lucky YellowH-12" S-15" View
Lantana Trailing Purple 1420Lantana Trailing PurpleH-18" S-36" View
Lantana Trailing White 1421Lantana Trailing WhiteH-18" S-36" View
Lysimachia Goldi 1437Lysimachia GoldiH-2" S-15" View
Marigold Antigua Mix 1440Marigold Antigua MixH-16" S12" View
Monarda Fire Ball 1441Monarda Fire BallH-15" S-15" View
Muhlenbergia 1443Muhlenbergia H-24" S-24" View
New Guinea Impatiens Orange 1444New Guinea Impatiens OrangeH-12" S-12" View
New Guinea Impatiens Pink Smile 1445New Guinea Impatiens Pink SmileH-12" S-12" View
New Guinea Impatiens Red 1446New Guinea Impatiens RedH-12" S-12" View
New Guinea Impatiens Violet 1447New Guinea Impatiens VioletH-12" S-12" View
New Guinea Impatiens White 1448New Guinea Impatiens WhiteH-12" S-12" View
Pennisetum Fireworks 1451Pennisetum FireworksH-24" S-24" View
Pennisetum Purple Princess 1452Pennisetum Purple PrincessH-36" S-36" View
Pennisetum Setaceum rubrum 1450Pennisetum Setaceum rubrumH-36" S-36" View
Pentas Graffiti Bright Red 1453Pentas Graffiti Bright RedH-15" S-15" View
Pentas Graffiti Lipstick 1454Pentas Graffiti LipstickH-15" S-15" View
Pentas Graffiti Pink 1455Pentas Graffiti PinkH-15" S-15" View
Pentas Graffiti Violet 1456Pentas Graffiti VioletH-15" S-15" View
Pentas Graffiti White 1457Pentas Graffiti WhiteH-15" S-15" View
Petunia Easy Wave Formula Mix 1458Petunia Easy Wave Formula MixH-12" S-36" View
Petunia Rhythm and Blues 1459Petunia Rhythm and BluesH-15" S-15" View
Petunia Ruffle Pink 1460Petunia Ruffle PinkH-12" S=15" View
Petunia Ruffle White 1461Petunia Ruffle WhiteH-12" S=15" View
Petunia Shock Wave Coconut 1463Petunia Shock Wave CoconutH-10" S-36" View
Petunia Shock Wave Coral Crush 1464Petunia Shock Wave Coral CrushH-10" S-36" View
Petunia Shock Wave Denium 1462Petunia Shock Wave DeniumH-10" S-36" View
Petunia Shock Wave Rose 1466Petunia Shock Wave RoseH-10" S-36" View
Petunia Shock Wave Spark Mix 1467Petunia Shock Wave Spark MixH-10" S-36" View
Petunia Trailing Pink Lemonade 1468Petunia Trailing Pink LemonadeH-12" S-12" View
Petunia Wave Lavender 1470Petunia Wave LavenderH-7" S-48" View
Petunia Wave Pink 1471Petunia Wave PinkH-7" S-48" View
Petunia Wave Purple 1472Petunia Wave PurpleH-7" S-48" View
Petunias Shock Wave Red 1465Petunias Shock Wave RedH-10" S-36" View
Phlox paniculata Tequila Sunrise 1475Phlox paniculata Tequila SunriseH-36" S-36" View
Plectranthus coleoidies Swedish Ivy 1476Plectranthus coleoidies Swedish IvyH-10" S-18" View
Plumbago auriculata Imperial  Blue 1477Plumbago auriculata Imperial BlueH-24" S-18" View
Plumbago auriculata Imperial  Blue 1478Plumbago auriculata Imperial BlueH-24" S-18" View
Plumbago auriculata White 1479Plumbago auriculata WhiteH-18" S-18" View
Portulaca Pazzaz Fuchsia 1482Portulaca Pazzaz FuchsiaH-6" S-18" View
Portulaca Pazzaz Pink Glow 1480Portulaca Pazzaz Pink GlowH-6" S-18" View
Portulaca Pazzaz Red Flare 1481Portulaca Pazzaz Red Flare H-6" S-18" View
Portulaca Pazzaz Tangerine 1483Portulaca Pazzaz TangerineH-6" S-18" View
Portulaca Vivid Yellow 1484Portulaca Vivid YellowH-6" S-18" View
Rosemary 1485RosemaryH-24" S-15" View
Rudbeckia Indian Summer 1487Rudbeckia Indian Summer H-36" S-24" View
Rudbeckia Prairie Sun 1488Rudbeckia Prairie SunH-36" S-24" View
Rudbeckia Tiger Eye 1489Rudbeckia Tiger EyeH-18" S-18" View
Ruellia Purple Showers 1490Ruellia Purple ShowersH-36" S-24" View
Ruellia Purple Showers 1491Ruellia Purple ShowersH-36" S-24" View
Salivia greggi Lipstick 1493Salivia greggi LipstickH-24 S-15" View
Salvia greggi Flame 1492Salvia greggi FlameH-24 S-15" View
Salvia greggi Rose 1494Salvia greggi RoseH-24 S-15" View
Salvia Victoria Blue 1497Salvia Victoria BlueH-18" S-18" View
Salvia Victoria White 1498Salvia Victoria WhiteH-18" S-18" View
Salvia Vista Lavender 1499Salvia Vista LavenderH-12" S-8" View
Salvia Vista Purple 1500Salvia Vista PurpleH-12" S-8" View
Salvia Vista Red 1501Salvia Vista RedH-12" S-8" View
Salvia Vista Salmon 1502Salvia Vista SalmonH-12" S-8" View
Salvia Vista White 1503Salvia Vista WhiteH-12" S-8" View
Scaevola Brilliant 1504Scaevola BrilliantH-10" S-24" View
Scaevola White 1505Scaevola WhiteH-10" S-24" View
Sedum Angelina 1506Sedum AngelinaH-6" S-8" View
Sedum Blue Spruce 1509Sedum Blue Spruce H-6" S-12" View
Sedum Lemon Ball 1507Sedum Lemon BallH-6" S-8" View
Sedum Rubrotictum 1508Sedum RubrotictumH-6" S-8" View
Sedum Spurium Fuldaglut 1510Sedum Spurium FuldaglutH-6" S-8" View
Setcresea Purple 1512Setcresea PurpleH-8" S-16" View
Setcresea Variegated 1513Setcresea VariegatedH-8" S-16" View
Strobilanthes Persian Shield 1514Strobilanthes Persian ShieldH-24" S-24" View
Strobilanthes Persian Shield 1515Strobilanthes Persian ShieldH-24" S-24" View
Thymus Golden Lemon 1518Thymus Golden LemonH-4" S-8" View
Verbena Homestead Purple 1523Verbena Homestead PurpleH-18' S-24" View
Verbena Tapien Blue Violet 1524Verbena Tapien Blue VioletH-6" S-15" View
Verbena Tapien Pink 1525Verbena Tapien PinkH-6" S-15" View
Vinca Cora Burgundy 1527Vinca Cora BurgundyH-15" S-20" View
Vinca Cora Cascade Cherry 1536Vinca Cora Cascade CherryH-8" S-18" View
Vinca Cora Cascade Lilac 1537Vinca Cora Cascade LilacH-8" S-18" View
Vinca Cora Cascade Magenta 1538Vinca Cora Cascade MagentaH-8" S-18" View
Vinca Cora Cascade Mix 1539Vinca Cora Cascade MixH-8" S-18" View
Vinca Cora Cascade Polka Dot 1541Vinca Cora Cascade Polka DotH-8" S-18" View
Vinca Cora Cascade Strawberry 1542Vinca Cora Cascade StrawberryH-8" S-18" View
Vinca Cora Deep Lavender 1528Vinca Cora Deep LavenderH-15" S-20" View
Vinca Cora Mix 1535Vinca Cora MixH-15" S-20" View
Vinca Cora Pink 1529Vinca Cora PinkH-15" S-20" View
Vinca Cora Punch 1530Vinca Cora PunchH-15" S-20" View
Vinca Cora Red 1531Vinca Cora RedH-15" S-20" View
Vinca Cora Strawberry 1532Vinca Cora StrawberryH-15" S-20" View
Vinca Cora Violet 1533Vinca Cora VioletH-15" S-20" View
Vinca Cora White 1534Vinca Cora WhiteH-15" S-20" View
Vinca Mediterrian Dark Red 1543Vinca Mediterrian Dark RedH-8" S-18" View
Vinca Mediterrian Mix 1545Vinca Mediterrian MixH-8" S-18" View
Vinca Mediterrian White 1546Vinca Mediterrian White H-8" S-18" View
Zinnia linearis Orange 1549Zinnia linearis OrangeH-10' S-12" View
Zinnia linearis White 1550Zinnia linearis WhiteH-10' S-12" View
Zinnia linearis Yellow 1551Zinnia linearis YellowH-10' S-12" View
Zinnia Magellan Cherry 1552Zinnia Magellan CherryH-14" S-12" View
Zinnia Magellan Ivory 1553Zinnia Magellan IvoryH-14" S-12" View
Zinnia Magellan Mix 1554Zinnia Magellan MixH-14" S-12" View
Zinnia Magellan Scarlet 1556Zinnia Magellan Scarlet H-14" S-12" View
Zinnia Magellan Yellow 1555Zinnia Magellan YellowH-14" S-12" View
Zinnia Profusion Deep Apricot 1561Zinnia Profusion Deep ApricotH-12" S-15" View
Zinnia Profusion Double Cherry 1557Zinnia Profusion Double CherryH-12" S-15" View
Zinnia Profusion Double Fire 1558Zinnia Profusion Double FireH-12" S-15" View
Zinnia Profusion Double Golden 1559Zinnia Profusion Double GoldenH-12" S-15" View
Zinnia Profusion Double White 1560Zinnia Profusion Double WhiteH-12" S-15" View
Zinnia Profusion Yellow 1562Zinnia Profusion YellowH-12" S-15" View
Zinnia Zowie Yellow Flame 1563Zinnia Zowie Yellow FlameH-28" S-24" View