Abbott Creek Nursery Products List

Below you'll find a list of products arranged alphabetically by name. Click the "View" link to the right of any product to see more details.

PhotoProduct IDNameSize(ft)View
Acorus ogon 1904Acorus ogonH-10" S-6" View
Alternanthera Chartreuse 1284Alternanthera ChartreuseH-10" S-15" View
Angelonia Serena Blue 1277Angelonia Serena BlueH-18" S-14" View
Angelonia Serena White 1280Angelonia Serena WhiteH-18" S-14" View
Angelonia Serenita Purple 1279Angelonia Serenita PurpleH-14” S-14" View
Asparagus sprengerii 1287Asparagus sprengeriiH-18" S-24" View
Asparagus sprengerii 1288Asparagus sprengeriiH-18" S-24" View
Begonia Dragonwing Pink 1293Begonia Dragonwing PinkH-24" S-24" View
Begonia Dragonwing Red 1294Begonia Dragonwing RedH-24" S-24" View
Begonia Olympia Mix 1299Begonia Olympia MixH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Olympia Red 1301Begonia Olympia RedH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Olympia Rose 1302Begonia Olympia RoseH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Olympia White 1303Begonia Olympia WhiteH-18" S-15" View
Begonia Whopper Bronzeleaf Red 1304Begonia Whopper Bronzeleaf RedH-36" S-24" View
Begonia Whopper Bronzeleaf Rose 1305Begonia Whopper Bronzeleaf RoseH-36" S-24" View
Begonia Whopper Greenleaf Red 1306Begonia Whopper Greenleaf RedH-36" S-24" View
Begonia Whopper Greenleaf Rose 1307Begonia Whopper Greenleaf RoseH-36" S-24" View
Canna Lily Tropical Red GL 1333Canna Lily Tropical Red GLH-3' S-2' View
Canna Lily Tropical Yellow 1335Canna Lily Tropical YellowH-3' S-2' View
Coleus Kingswood Torch 1345Coleus Kingswood TorchH-18" S-15" View
Coleus Wasabi 1349Coleus WasabiH-24" S-24" View
Duranta Gold Edge 1363Duranta Gold EdgeH-36" S-36" View
Duranta repens aurea 1362Duranta repens aureaH-15" S-15" View
Echinacea Pow Wow White 1368Echinacea Pow Wow WhiteH-20" S-16" View
Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry 1367Echinacea Pow Wow Wild BerryH-20" S-16" View
Geranium Caliente Dark Red 1383Geranium Caliente Dark RedH-15" S-14" View
Kale Nagoya White 2035Kale Nagoya WhiteH-12" S-18" View
Zinnia Zowie Yellow Flame 1563Zinnia Zowie Yellow FlameH-28" S-24" View