Abbott Creek Wholesale Plant & Flower Nursery

Abbott Creek Nursery brings over 30 years of experience in the areas of nursery management, plug production, the growing of quality finished plant material and experience in the landscape trade and seasonal color designs. As a family operated business, we are very passionate about growing superior plant material. We provide the latest varieties of plant material along with the tried and true. We also introduce to our customers a few new varieties each year to add to their plant palette.

Our fertility program insures vigorous healthy plant material. Our preventive programs insure disease and pest free plant material. No growth regulators are used in our production process. Most of our seasonal color plants are grown in 3.5” plastic pots in 18 plants per flat. We grow most of our specialty annuals and perennials in quarts, gallons and 3 gallon sizes. Please call or come by for pricing.

At Abbott Creek Nursery, our mission is to provide our wholesale customers with superior plant material on time, to their job sites, with no surprises.